In a republic, an accountable legislature is indispensable. 

Keeping it that way relies on We the People.
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Accountability for Indiana's Legislature

Legislators are distracted by a never-ending assault of campaign cash-wielding lobbyists that keep their attention from their constituents.  Numerous organizations  are working together to make our legislature accountable only to its constituents.
Hoosiers Working Together

The CCLA is an organization of Hoosier groups and individuals who want to learn more about how our legislature works and how we can correct its failures.

A Collaborative Effort

Join our non-partisan effort and encourage other groups to join us to improve the legislative process.

Multimedia Campaign

We hope our series of videos will help familiarize you and your neighbors with our legislative process and encourage participation in the effort. 

Ensuring Accountability

The CCLA has a simple objective of ensuring legislators respect the wishes of the overwhelming values of their constituents with ongoing accountability.

Dr. Dan Stock outlines the primary objectives of the Citizens' Coalition of Legislature Accountability.

CCLA Objectives:

Goal One

All chairmen to be chosen by their committees and serve at the committee’s pleasure only.  

This makes the chairman responsive to his committee, freeing him from the chamber leaders' will, and the influence that campaign cash can concentrate on them.

goal two

Creating discharge petitions whereby a strong minority of a committee or a chamber can force a hearing on a bill. 

This not only overcomes the power of the committee chairman but allows individual legislators to be held accountable to their constituents for not starting or signing discharge petitions.

Goal three

All procedural objections are immediately subject to recorded vote of the entire committee or chamber. 

This makes it impossible for one person to kill debate on an issue and simultaneously allows all legislators to be held accountable for the issues they avoid debate on.

Goal Four

All votes on bills to be record or roll call votes, and available for public view.  

Voice votes on bill actions allow legislators to vote for lobbyists and claim they voted for constituents.

Project Status


Number of contacts throughout the state.


Organizations supporting the effort.


Folks all across Indiana are supporting the efforts of the CCLA, including:

Micah Beckwith

Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Charles Bookwalter

U.S. House District 4 Candidate

John Jacob

U.S. House District 6 Candidate